AWS Elemental MediaLive
User Guide

Settings for a Microsoft Smooth Output

Output Settings Section

Complete the Name modifier field as described in Microsoft Smooth destinations.

Streams Section

In the Stream settings section, decide if you need to create more encodes for this output, based on the workflow you planned. By default, each output is set up with one video encode and one audio encode. Select the appropriate Add button or Delete button to set up the output with the encodes – video, audio, captions – you planned for this output.

For example, in one output you may want one video and two audios, in another output you may want one captions, and in a third output you may want just one captions.

See Step 6: Set Up the Video Encode, Step 7: Set Up the Audio Encodes, and Step 8: Set Up the Captions Encodes for information on the fields in each type of encode.