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Create sidecar or SMPTE-TT captions encodes

Follow this procedure if the format of the captions asset that you want to add is a sidecar, or if the format is SMPTE-TT for a Microsoft Smooth output group.

You set up the captions and video in the same output.

  1. In the Create channel or Edit channel page for the channel, in the Channel panel, find the output group where you want to set up captions.

  2. Create a new output in this output group.

  3. In the output, go to the Stream settings and choose Add caption, then Create a new caption encode. Captions fields appear.

  4. Complete the following fields:

    • Captions description name: Enter a name that is unique in the channel, for example, Embedded.

    • Captions selector name: Select the captions selector that you created when you created the captions selectors in the input. Specify the selector that identifies the captions asset that is the source for the captions in this output.

    • Captions settings: Choose the captions format for the output captions. Depending on the format, more fields appear.

  5. Choose Additional settings. More fields appear. See the table after this procedure for information about which fields to complete for each format.

  6. You now have a captions encode that is fully defined. Repeat these steps to create more captions in this output group.

Field Topic Applicable formats Description
Style Control, Fill Line Gap, Font Family, Copyright Holder Captions style EBU-TT-D See Font styles for EBU-TT-D
Style Control Captions style TTML, Web-VTT See Font styles for TTML or Font styles for WebVTT
Language code, Language description Language information for this specific caption All formats Optional. For information, choose the Info link next to each field.
Accessibility, Caption DASH Roles, DVB DASH accessibility Accessibility data All formats Including accessibility data in captions
PIDs PID assignment Teletext PIDs for Teletext ,