AWS Elemental MediaLive
User Guide

Step 2: Create a Role for the Service

You must create a role for MediaLive. The role sets up a trusted relationship between your AWS account and MediaLive. The role is also associated with the policies that you identified and created in Step 1: Create a Policy.

To create a role and attach policies to it

  1. Open the IAM console.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Roles.

  3. On the Role page, choose Create role.

  4. On the Create role page, for Select type of trusted entity, choose AWS service (the default).

  5. For Choose the service that will use this role, choose EC2.

    You choose EC2 because MediaLive is not currently included in this list. Choosing EC2 lets you create a role; in a later step, you will change this role to mention MediaLive instead of EC2.

  6. Choose Next: Permissions.

  7. For Attach permissions policies, choose all the policies that you identified or created in Step 1: Create a Policy.

  8. Choose Next: Review.

  9. In Role name, enter a name. We highly recommend that you don't use the name MediaLiveAccessRole because it is reserved. Instead, use a name that includes medialive and describes this role's purpose.

  10. Look at the trusted entity: Amazon EC2 is the trusted entity, but you will modify that line in the next step.

  11. Choose Create role.