Purchasing a reservation - MediaLive

Purchasing a reservation

On the console, use the Reservations tab to purchase one or more reservations.

To purchase a reservation (console)
  1. Open the MediaLive console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/medialive/.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Reservations, and then choose Reserve offerings. On the Offerings page, complete the Filter offerings section to filter for specific offerings. For more information, see Filtering on the Offering Page.

  3. Choose an offering.

    If you are purchasing a reservation to target a specific output, and that output has the frame rate set to initialize from source, make sure that you purchase a reservation that specifies 30-60fps. Don't purchase a reservation that specifies =30fps.

  4. Select a number for the specific offering you are choosing, enter it in the Count field. For example, if you are reserving five HD AVC outputs, enter 5 in the Count field.

  5. Choose Add to cart. The Cart tab title in the upper-left pane increments to show the total offerings currently in the cart. To remove an offering that you added to the cart, switch to the Cart tab.

  6. To view the cart contents, choose the Cart tab. Optionally, while viewing the cart contents, you can set the reservation to automatically renew by selecting Enable auto-renewal. This option is off by default.

  7. To purchase all of the offerings that are displayed on the Cart tab, choose Purchase.


    You can't cancel a reservation after you have purchased it.

Filtering on the offerings page

The Offerings page shows the different reservations that you can purchase.

Input and output offerings, which are described as follows:

  • Resolution – Codec – Input/output – Bitrate – Frame rate (for outputs only) – Region

    For example: UHD AVC input at 10-20 Mbps in US West (Oregon)

Channel (add-ons) offerings, which are described as follows:

  • Add-on – Region

    For example: Advanced Audio reserved outputs in US West (Oregon)

You can filter the offerings by using the filters in the left pane, as follows:

  • Filter reservation type: input, output, or channel (for add-ons).

  • Filter offerings based on attributes, such as resolution or bitrate.

  • Use the Match existing channel filter to show only offerings that match the inputs and outputs in the chosen channel.

  • Use the Special feature filter to show only add-on offerings.

Filtering does not affect the items in the cart.