Fields for the RTMP connection - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Fields for the RTMP connection

The following fields configure the logic for reconnection attempts:

  • RTMP settingsAuthentication scheme

  • RTMP settingsAdditional settingsCache length

  • RTMP settingsAdditional settingsRestart delay

  • RTMP settingsAdditional settingsCache full behavior

  • RTMP outputsOutput settingsConnection retry interval

  • RTMP outputsOutput settingsNum retries

  • RTMP outputsOutput settingsAdditional settingsCertificate mode

To configure a secure (RTMPS) connection to the destination

  1. Authentication Scheme – Specify the type of scheme. Typically, choose Common. Choose Akamai only if instructed to do so by the downstream system.

  2. For Certificate mode, choose the option that is required by the downstream system.

    If you connect over RTMP, MediaLive ignores both these fields.

To configure for reconnection

  • There are several fields that control how MediaLive behaves if the connection to the RTMP server seems to drop:

    • Cache length specifies how long to hold the output in memory, waiting for the RTMP server to respond.

    • When that time expires, Cache full behavior specifies whether to disconnect immediately or wait 5 minutes.

    • If MediaLive disconnects, then Restart delay specifies how long to wait before trying to reconnect.

    • When MediaLive tries to reconnect, Connection retry interval specifies how often to retry. Num retries specifies how many times to retry. When the retries expire, this output stops. The channel stops because the single output has lost its connection.