AWS Elemental MediaLive
User Guide

Fields for the RTMP Group

You must provide information that applies to all the outputs in the individual RTMP output group.

  • For Name, enter a name for the output group. For example, My Video Podcast.

  • If you want to connect to the destination over RTMPS, for Authentication Scheme, specify the type of scheme. Typically, choose Common. Choose Akamai only if instructed to do so by the people responsible for the downstream system. If you connect over RTMP, the value in this field is ignored.

  • In Additional Settings, optionally change the Cache length, Restart delay, and Cache full behavior. These fields relate to reconnecting to the RTMP server. For more information, see Reconnection Settings.

  • In Additional settings, for Caption Data, complete this field only if at least one of your outputs includes captions with embedded as the source captions format and RTMP CaptionInfo as the output format. If there are no captions in any output, the value in this field is ignored. For details about a field, choose the Info link next to the field. For detailed information about setting up for captions, see Working with Captions.

  • The RTMP outputs section contains fields that are different for each output. Setup of the individual outputs is described in Step 6: Create Outputs.

    If you want more than one output in this output group, choose Add output. An Output line is added for each output.