Types of Timing for Actions - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Types of Timing for Actions

There are several ways to specify the timing for an action:

  • Fixed – Perform the action at a specific time that you specify.

    The time that you specify must be at least 15 seconds in the future from the time that you create the action.

  • Immediate – Perform the action as soon as possible.

    You don't specify a time.

  • Follow – Perform the action when the currently running input is finished.

    The currently running input must have a source end behavior of continue. To find the Source end behavior field, go to the Create channel page, find the input in the Input attachment list, and then find General input settings.

The following table shows the types of timing that apply to each type of action. To read this table, find an action in the first column, then read across the row for the applicable types of timing.

Type of action Supported types of timing
Fixed Follow (Note A) Immediate
Switch the input (perform an input switch) Yes Yes Yes
Activate a static image overlay Yes Yes
Deactivate a static image overlay Yes Yes
Insert a SCTE-35 message Yes Yes Yes
Insert ID3 metadata Yes Yes
Insert an ID3 segment tag Yes Yes
Pause or unpause one or both pipelines Yes Yes

Note A

With a follow, the "Yes" means that this type of action can follow an input switch. Therefore, the action that is being followed is always an input. The action that does the follow is an input switch or a SCTE-35 message.