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JSON Payload for Combining Create and Delete

To combine a batch of creates and deletes, include both a Creates section and a Deletes section in the JSON payload.

In this example, the payload in the Deletes section removes an action to activate an image overlay because it has an incorrect start time. The action is named overlay-21. The payload in the Creates section inserts that action again, this time with the correct start time.

Even though the Creates section appears first in the JSON payload, MediaLive always executes the delete actions first.

In this action, the delete action and the create action have the same ActionName. The name is being reused because the batch is a "delete and replace." But you could assign a different name to the create action:

{ "ChannelId": "999999", "Creates": { "ScheduleActions": [ { "ScheduleActionStartSettings": { "FixedModeScheduleActionStartSettings": { "Time": "2018-05-21T20:42:19.000Z" } }, "ActionName": "overlay-21", "ScheduleActionSettings": { "StaticImageActivateSettings": { "Image": { "PasswordParam": "imagespassword", "Uri": "s3ssl://banners/banner_A/high-res.bmp", "Username": "medialiveoperator" }, "ImageY": 300, "FadeIn": 1500, "ImageX": 200, "Width": 800, "Opacity": 60, "Layer": 1, "Height": 900 } } } ] }, "Deletes": { "ActionNames": [ "overlay-21" ] } }