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Fields for a time_signal message

This table shows the fields that apply for an action to insert a time_signal SCTE-35 message.

Field Description
Action type SCTE-35 Time Signal.
Action name A name for this time_signal action. For example, you might name time_signal actions with a sequential number, restarting every day or every month.
Start type Fixed or Follow or Immediate.
Date and time

If the Start type is Fixed, specify the UTC start time for the time_signal. The time should be at least 15 seconds in the future.

Note that the time is the wall clock time, not the timecode in the input.

Reference action name

If the Start type is Follow, choose the input to follow. The dropdown list shows all existing input switches that are file inputs. Remember that a SCTE-35 action can follow input A only if input A is a file input and the source end behavior for input A is continue.

For information about these switching rules, see Fixed, immediate, and follow switches.

Follow point If the Start type is Follow, complete this field. The follow point is always End, to indicate that the switch will occur when the input in Reference action name has finished.
Add Scte35 descriptors Choose this button and complete the fields that appear. The descriptors are a standard component of a time_signal message.