AWS Elemental MediaLive
User Guide

Viewing the Schedule on the Console

You can display the list of actions currently in the schedule and view them in list or timeline view.

To view actions (console)

  1. Open the MediaLive console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Channel and choose the channel you want to work with.

  3. On the Details pane, choose the Schedule tab.

    The Schedule actions pane shows the actions in the schedule's current window of time.

    You can switch between the two views of the schedule by choosing the Switch button.

List View

The actions are mostly listed in chronological order.

Input switches in a follow chain are grouped together starting from the top of the chain (which is the action above the first follow action) to the last follow action. Other actions such as actions for SCTE-35 and image overlay might in fact occur between two follow actions. MediaLive can't predict whether a SCTE-35 or image overlay action will occur between two follow actions and doesn't attempt to show it in the list view.

Timeline View

The actions are arranged in cards along a vertical axis. The card titles for colored-coded by the action type. For example, SCTE-35 time_signal messages are yellow.

One card might contain several input switches. The first input switch is always a fixed input switch, and the remaining input switches in that card are always follow input switches.

The Window of Time for the Schedule

The visible window of time for the schedule extends to approximately one hour in the past. Actions older than that don't show when viewing the schedule (on the console) and aren't included in the response to a DescribeChannel command.

However, note that a running action that is no longer visible will continue to run for its full duration.

The existence of this visible window means that:

  • For actions relating to SCTE-35: for messages that have a duration (which means, for splice_insert specified with a duration), the message could still be active but it will no longer be possible to query MediaLive for the duration.

    For actions relating to image overlays: for actions to activate a static image overlay for a duration of time, the overlay might still be active but it will no longer be possible to query MediaLive for the duration.

    For actions relating to input switching: there is no impact.