Setting maintenance windows - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Setting maintenance windows

You can select the day and time that maintenance events will occur. This is called a maintenance window and is used every time a maintenance event is required. These windows help to ensure that maintenance has minimal impact to your production. If you need to change the day and time of a maintenance window, you can use the MediaLive console to edit it.

You can also manually restart the channels that require maintenance. If you don't set a maintenance window, and don't restart manually, AWS sets the maintenance window. We recommend you set a maintenance window for each channel that requires maintenance.

To set a maintenance window

  1. Open the MediaLive console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Channels. Channels requiring maintenance will display Required under the Maintenance window column.

  3. Select the channel or channels. A unique maintenance window can be set for each channel. Alternately, selecting the upper-most check box in the channel selection column will select all channels.

  4. Under the Channel actions dropdown menu, select Edit channel maintenance window.

  5. Select a day and time for maintenance to occur and choose Save. Time is presented in UTC.

  6. You can verify the window by viewing the Maintenance window column on Channels dashboard.

The selected day and time is used for all future recurring maintenance events. Repeat these steps to add or edit maintenance windows. After the maintenance is complete, the Maintenance status column on the Channels dashboard will display Not required.