Create a User - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Create a User

Typically, you create a new user identity for an AWS user only if a person does not have an existing identity. If the person already has a user identity, modify their access instead.

To create a user

  1. Make sure that you know which group (Step 4: Create the groups) that you want to add each user to. Make sure that you have already created this group (Step 4: Create the groups).

  2. Sign in to the AWS Management Console as an administrator, and open the IAM console at

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Users, and then choose Add user.

  4. On the Add User page, for User name, enter a name for the user.

    For Access type, select AWS Management Console access.

    For Console password, select Custom password and enter a password.

    For Require password reset, we recommend that you select the check box.

  5. Choose Next: Permissions.

  6. On the Set permissions for user page, choose Add user to group.

  7. Select the check box for the appropriate group for this user, and then choose Next: Tags.

  8. Add tags if your organization has a policy to create tags for users. For more information, see Tagging AWS Elemental MediaLive resources. Then choose Next: Review.

  9. Choose Create user.

  10. Optionally, choose Send email to send an email to this user. Your local email client opens with a draft email that includes the user name and sign-in URL.

  11. Choose Close to return to the navigation pane.

  12. Provide the user with their password (it is not included in the generated email). You must provide the password in a way that complies with your organization's security guidelines.

The following example assumes that you created three users and associated all of them with the same group, medialivebasicusers.