Viewing input thumbnails in AWS Elemental MediaLive - MediaLive

Viewing input thumbnails in AWS Elemental MediaLive

AWS Elemental MediaLive can generate thumbnails for the video from inputs in your channels. You can view the thumbnails for each channel on the MediaLive console. You can also use one of the AWS APIs to work with thumbnails programmatically.

How thumbnails are generated

When you have enabled thumbnails in a channel and the channel is running, MediaLive generates a JPEG thumbnail every 2 seconds. The thumbnail exists for only 2 seconds, until it gets replaced by the next thumbnail. Each input has its own thumbnail, which means that MediaLive generates one thumbnail for a single-pipeline channel, and two thumbnails for a standard channel.

As soon as the thumbnail is generated, MediaLive displays it on the console, in the channel details page. It also makes the thumbnail available as binary data. You can use an AWS API to work with the binary data programmatically.

Encryption of the thumbnail

MediaLive always encrypts each thumbnail as it is created.