Identifying subnet and Availability Zone requirements - AWS Elemental MediaLive

Identifying subnet and Availability Zone requirements

Subnets and Availability Zones apply as follows:

  • Inputs – Some MediaLive input types are in your VPC, which means that they are in a specific subnet. For example, an RTMP input can be in your VPC. For more information, see Supported input formats and protocols.

  • Endpoints – The channel endpoints are in a subnet.

  • Destinations –The IP addresses for outputs in the VPC are in a subnet. You identify IP addresses (and their implied subnets) when you plan the downstream system.

You must identify the VPCs and subnets for the MediaLive endpoints and for those of your output destinations that are an address in your VPC. You must consider the following:

  • You must make sure that the setup follows the rules for allocation across subnets and across Availability Zones. See Use case A – no VPC inputs and the section that follows it.

  • Each subnet must have a private CIDR block (a range of IP addresses).

  • Each subnet must have at least two unused addresses in that block.