Encryption Fields - AWS Elemental MediaPackage

Encryption Fields

Protect your content from unauthorized use through encryption. Digital rights management (DRM) systems provide keys to AWS Elemental MediaPackage for content encryption, and licenses to supported players for decryption.


To encrypt content, you must have a DRM solution provider, and be set up to use encryption. For information, see Content Encryption in AWS Elemental MediaPackage.

To serve content with copyright protection, choose Encryption and complete the additional fields as follows:

  1. For URL, enter the URL of the API Gateway proxy that you set up to talk to your key server. The API Gateway proxy must reside in the same AWS Region as MediaPackage.

    The following example shows a URL.

  2. For Role ARN, enter the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the IAM role that provides you access to send your requests through API Gateway. Get this from your DRM solution provider.

    The following example shows a role ARN.

  3. For System IDs, enter unique identifiers for your streaming protocol and DRM system. Provide up to two IDs for DASH and exactly one for other streaming protocols. If you provide more than one system ID, enter one per line and choose Add. For a list of common system IDs, see DASH-IF System IDs. If you do not know your IDs, ask your DRM solution provider.