Step 3: Create a Packaging Configuration - AWS Elemental MediaPackage

Step 3: Create a Packaging Configuration

A packaging configuration specifies how the output manifest is configured, such as stream selection limitations and ordering.

AWS Elemental MediaPackage does not require that you supply any customer data. There are no fields in packaging configurations where there is an expectation that you will provide customer data.

To create a packaging configuration

  1. On the Packaging groups page, choose the group that you just created.

  2. On the details page for the packaging group, choose either Add or remove configuration or Add configuration if there are no existing packaging configurations.

  3. On the Add packaging configurations page, choose Add, and then choose New configuration.

  4. For ID, enter a name that describes the configuration, such as hls_highlights. The ID is the primary identifier for the configuration, and must be unique for your account in this AWS Region. Supported characters are letters, numbers, underscore (_), and dash (-). You can't use spaces in the ID.

  5. Keep the defaults for the remaining fields, and then choose Save.