Creating an HLS Packaging Configuration - AWS Elemental MediaPackage

Creating an HLS Packaging Configuration

Create a packaging configuration that formats content for devices that support Apple HLS.

To create an Apple HLS packaging configuration (console)

  1. Open the MediaPackage console at

  2. In the navigation pane, under Video on demand, choose Packaging groups.

  3. On the Packaging groups page, choose the group that will contain the configuration that you're creating.

  4. On the details page for the packaging group, in the Packaging configurations section, choose Add or remove configs.

  5. On the Add or remove packaging configurations page, in the Packaging configurations section, choose Add and select New config.

  6. Complete the fields as described in the following topics:

  7. Choose Save.

If you exceed the quotas for your account when you're creating a packaging configuration, you get an error. If you get an error similar to Too many requests, please try again. Resource limit exceeded, either you have exceeded the API request quotas, or you have already reached the maximum number of packaging groups allowed on your account. If this is your first group, or if you think you mistakenly received this error, use the Service Quotas console to request quota increases. For more information about quotas in MediaPackage, see Quotas in AWS Elemental MediaPackage.