Requirements for .smil manifests - AWS Elemental MediaPackage

Requirements for .smil manifests

When sending a VOD MP4 asset to AWS Elemental MediaPackage, a .smil manifest must be included. The .smil manifest is an XML file that acts as a wrapper for all the files in the asset, letting MediaPackage know which MP4s are part of a single asset.


MediaPackage supports the following attributes in a .smil manifest.


  • audioName - The name of the audio track, such as English 2.

  • includeAudio -A Boolean value indicating if the audio tracks should be included. If not specified, all tracks default to true.

  • src or name - Either the name or the source of the text stream or video file relative to the manifest location.

  • subtitleName - The subtitle name, such as English.

  • systemLanguage or language - The system language, such as eng.

Example .smil manifest

The following is an example of a .smil manifest.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <smil> <body> <alias value="Example"/> <switch> <video name="example_360.mp4" systemLanguage="eng" audioName="English,French,Spanish" includeAudio="false,true"/> <video name="example_480.mp4" systemLanguage="eng" audioName="English 2" includeAudio="false"/> <textstream src="" systemLanguage="eng" subtitleName="English" includeAudio="false"/> <textstream src="" systemLanguage="fra" subtitleName="French" includeAudio="false"/> <textstream src="" systemLanguage="spa" subtitleName="Spanish" includeAudio="false"/> </switch> </body> </smil>