AWS Elemental MediaPackage
User Guide

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Delivering VOD Content from AWS Elemental MediaPackage

AWS Elemental MediaPackage uses the following resources for video on demand (VOD) content:

  • Packaging groups hold one or more packaging configurations. The group enables you to apply multiple output configurations to an asset at the same time. You can associate a group to multiple assets so that they all have the same configurations for their outputs.

  • Packaging configurations tell MediaPackage how to package the output from an asset. In the configuration, you define encryption, bitrate, and packaging settings.

  • Assets ingest your source content and dynamically apply packaging configurations in response to playback requests.

    For supported VOD inputs and codecs, see VOD Supported Codecs and Input Types.

The following sections describe how to use these resources to manage VOD content in AWS Elemental MediaPackage.