AWS Elemental MediaStore
User Guide

AWS CLI Commands for AWS Elemental MediaStore

The following table shows the AWS CLI commands that you can use to create or modify containers and objects in AWS Elemental MediaStore.

Applies to... Command Description
containers (mediastore) create-container Creates a container.
containers (mediastore) delete-container Deletes a container. You can’t delete a container that has objects; you can delete only empty containers.
containers (mediastore) delete-container-policy Removes a container policy from a container.
containers (mediastore) delete-lifecycle-policy Removes an object lifecycle policy from a container.
containers (mediastore) get-container-policy Retrieves the current policy of a container.
containers (mediastore) get-lifecycle-policy Retrieves the object lifecycle policy that is assigned to a container.
containers (mediastore) list-containers Lists all of your containers.
containers (mediastore) put-container-policy Replaces the current policy of a container with the specified policy.
containers (mediastore) put-lifecycle-policy Writes an object lifecycle policy to a container. If the container already has an object lifecycle policy, the service replaces the previous policy with the new policy.
objects (mediastore-data) delete-object Deletes an object that is stored in a container.
objects (mediastore-data) describe-object Retrieves information about an object that is stored in a container.
objects (mediastore-data) get-object Downloads an object from AWS Elemental MediaStore to a specified endpoint. You can provide a byte range to download only the part of the object that corresponds to the range.
objects (mediastore-data) help Displays information about the command being called. Append the keyword help to the end of any partial command line.
objects (mediastore-data) list-items Lists folders and objects stored in a container.
objects (mediastore-data) put-object Writes an object to a container.