AWS Elemental MediaStore
User Guide

Viewing the Details for a Container

Details for a container include the container policy, endpoint, ARN, and creation time.

To view the details for a container (console)

  1. Open the MediaStore console at

  2. On the Containers page, choose the name of the container.

    The container details page appears. This page is divided into two sections:

    • The Objects section, which lists the objects and folders in the container.

    • The Container policy section, which shows the resource-based policy that is associated with this container. For information about resource policies, see Container Policies.

To view the details for a container (AWS CLI)

  • In the AWS CLI, use the describe-container command:

    aws mediastore --region us-west-2 describe-container -–container-name=ExampleContainer

    The following example shows the return value:

    { "Container": { "Status": "ACTIVE", "Endpoint": "", "CreationTime": 1506528818.0, "Name": "ExampleContainer", "ARN": "arn:aws:mediastore:us-west-2:111222333444:container/ExampleContainer" } }