Enabling access logging for a container - AWS Elemental MediaStore

Enabling access logging for a container

By default, AWS Elemental MediaStore doesn't collect access logs. When you enable access logging on a container, MediaStore delivers access logs for objects stored in that container to Amazon CloudWatch. The access logs provide detailed records for requests that are made to any object stored in the container. This information can include the request type, the resources that are specified in the request, and the time and date that the request was processed.


There is no extra charge for enabling access logging on an MediaStore container. However, any log files that the service delivers to you accrues the usual charges for storage. (You can delete the log files at any time.) AWS doesn't assess data transfer charges for log file delivery, but does charge the normal data transfer rate for accessing the log files.

To enable access logging (AWS CLI)

  • In the AWS CLI, use the start-access-logging command:

    aws mediastore start-access-logging --container-name LiveEvents --region us-west-2

    This command has no return value.