AWS Elemental MediaStore
User Guide

Step 2: Create User Groups

You can create a user group for each policy and assign users to a group rather than attaching individual policies to each user. Using the steps below, create two user groups: one for the MediaStoreAllAccess policy and one for the MediaStoreReadOnlyAccess policy.

To create user groups

  1. In the navigation pane of the IAM console, choose Groups, and then choose Create New Group.

  2. On the Set Group Name page, type a name for the group, such as MediaStoreAdmins.

  3. Choose Next Step.

  4. On the Attach Policy page, for Filter, choose Customer Managed.

  5. In the policy list, choose the MediaStoreAllAccess policy that you created.

  6. Choose Next Step.

  7. On the Review page, verify that the correct policies are added to this group, and then choose Create Group.

  8. On the Groups page, repeat steps 1-7 to create a user group with a read-only permissions. Use the following guidelines:

    • In step 2, type a group name such as MediaStoreReaders.

    • In step 4, choose the MediaStoreReadOnlyAccess policy.