Document History - AWS Elemental MediaTailor

Document History

The following table describes important changes to this documentation.

Change Description Date
PersonalizationThresholdSeconds Added support for the optional PersonalizationThresholdSeconds configuration. February, 2020
Live pre-roll ad insertion Added support for pre-roll ad insertion in live content. November, 2019
DASH single-period manifests Added support for single-period DASH manifests from the origin server, with multi-period manifest output. See the DASH configuration properties in playback configuration resources. April, 2019
Add tagging support Added support for tagging AWS Elemental MediaTailor resources. February, 2019
Add DASH support Added support for MPEG-DASH manifests. November, 2018
New AWS Elemental MediaTailor API release Initial documentation for the AWS Elemental MediaTailor REST API. May, 2018