AWS Elemental MediaTailor API - AWS Elemental MediaTailor

AWS Elemental MediaTailor API

Use the AWS Elemental MediaTailor API to configure scalable ad insertion and linear streams for your content. Using MediaTailor ad insertion, you can serve targeted ads to viewers while maintaining broadcast quality in over-the-top (OTT) video applications. Using MediaTailor channel assembly, you can assemble linear streams using your existing VOD content, and easily integrate a server-side ad insertion service such as MediaTailor. For information about using the service, including detailed information about the settings covered in this guide, see the AWS Elemental MediaTailor User Guide.

Through the REST API, you manage MediaTailor configurations the same as you do through the console. For example, you specify ad insertion behavior and mapping information for the origin server and the ad decision server (ADS).

Specifying the REST API Endpoint

The AWS Elemental MediaTailor REST API endpoint is formatted as follows.


For the list of MediaTailor Regions, see AWS Regions and Endpoints: MediaTailor.

Signing Requirements

MediaTailor supports authentication using AWS Signature Version 4. For more information, see Signature Version 4 Signing Process in the AWS General Reference.

When you access MediaTailor through the AWS CLI or one of the SDKs, the tools automatically sign the requests for you with the access key and secret key that you specify in your client configuration.

For REST API use, you implement a cryptographic hash function that complies with AWS Signature Version 4 to calculate the security signature for your requests. You include a security signature in each REST API request to MediaTailor, and the service validates your signature before proceeding.

  • To sign a request, you use your hash function to calculate a digital signature. You pass the function the text of your request and your secret access key. The function returns the corresponding hash value. You include the hash value in the signature portion of the Authorization header of your request.

  • When it receives your request, MediaTailor runs its own calculation of the signature, and then compares that to the signature that you provided in the header. If they match, MediaTailor processes your request.