AWS Elemental MediaTailor
User Guide

VOD Content Ad Behavior

AWS Elemental MediaTailor inserts or replaces ads in VOD streams, based on how the origin server configured the CUE-OUT/CUE-IN (or SCTE-OUT/SCTE-IN) markers in the master manifest, or whether the ad decision server (ADS) sends VMAP responses.

For ad behavior by marker configuration, see the following sections.

No XX-OUT/XX-IN Markers

Although CUE-OUT/IN (or SCTE-OUT/IN) markers are the preferred way of signaling ad breaks in a live manifest, the markers are not required for VOD content. If the manifest doesn't contain ad markers, MediaTailor makes a single call to the ad decision server (ADS) and creates ad breaks based on the response:

  • If the ADS sends a VAST response, then MediaTailor inserts all ads from the response in an ad break at the start of the manifest. This is a pre-roll.

  • If the ADS sends a VMAP response, then MediaTailor uses the ad break time offsets to create breaks and insert them throughout the manifest at the specified times (pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll). MediaTailor uses all ads from each ad break in the VMAP response for each ad break in the manifest.


    If you want to create mid-roll breaks but your ADS doesn't support VMAP, then ensure that there are CUE-OUT (or SCTE-OUT) markers in the manifest. MediaTailor inserts ads at the markers, as described in the following sections.

XX-OUT/XX-IN Markers Are Present

CUE-OUT/IN (or SCTE-OUT/IN) markers allow MediaTailor to insert ads throughout the manifest. If the manifest contains markers, and the CUE-IN marker immediately follows the CUE-OUT marker (there are no segments between them), this informs MediaTailor that it is an ad insertion request.

The CUE-OUT markers should have no duration (or a duration of 0) specified, such as #EXT-X-CUE-OUT:0.

For post-rolls, CUE-OUT/IN markers must precede the last content segment. This is because the HLS spec requires tag decorators to be explicitly declared before a segment.

For example, for the following declaration:

#EXT-X-CUE-OUT: 0 #EXT-X-CUE-IN #EXTINF:4.000, Videocontent.ts #EXT-X-ENDLIST

MediaTailor inserts a post-roll like the following:

#EXTINF:4.000, Videocontent.ts #EXT-X-DISCONTINUITY #EXTINF:3.0, Adsegment1.ts #EXTINF:3.0, Adsegment2.ts #EXTINF:1.0, Adsegment3.ts #EXT-X-ENDLIST

You cannot use multiple CUE-OUT/IN tags in succession to mimic ad pod behavior. This is because CUE-OUT/IN tags must be explicitly attached to a segment.

For example, the following declaration is invalid:


The following declaration is valid:

#EXT-X-CUE-OUT: 0 #EXT-X-CUE-IN #EXTINF:4.000, Somecontent1.ts #EXT-X-CUE-OUT: 0 #EXT-X-CUE-IN #EXTINF:4.000, Somecontent2.ts #EXT-X-CUE-OUT: 0 #EXT-X-CUE-IN #EXTINF:4.000, Videocontent.ts

The above declaration results in an output like the following:

Ad 1 Somecontent.ts Ad 2 Somecontent2.ts Videocontent.ts Post-Roll Ad 3