Ad ID decoration - AWS Elemental MediaTailor

Ad ID decoration

AWS Elemental MediaTailor performs server side ad stitching when transitioning from content to ad breaks. MediaTailor can condition the manifest with metadata associated with the ads that have been stitched. Doing so can provides the following benefits:

  • video start time (VST) improves

  • MediaTailor can support a hybrid model of server side ad insertion and server guided ad insertion

  • Server side sessions can build playback timelines with ad position markers

  • For client side sessions that already build playback timelines with the MediaTailor API, session VST improves, as the session does not rely on calling the tracking API to build the timeline

  • It's possible to leverage MediaTailor for server side ad insertion as well as client side rendered ads displayed in-scene. This way, a player's software development kit (SDK) doesn't neeed to have a separate integration to call ad serving entites directly for client-side ads. MediaTailor can vend the ads through the manifest and the client-side tracking API.

There are standards for associating each creative ad asset with a unique identifier. This association allows advertisers, agencies, vendors, and publishers to relate a creative ad asset across their independent workflows. As metrics and monitoring of streams continue to improve and more distributors utilize server-based insertion architectures, the need arises to accurately communicate the identifiers assigned to individual creative assets within an interleaved/stitched presentation, such as within the personalized manifest.