Inserting bumpers - AWS Elemental MediaTailor

Inserting bumpers

Bumpers are short, non-skippable video or audio clips that play at the start or before the end of an ad break.

The following conditions apply to bumpers:

  • Bumpers must be 10 seconds or less.

  • Bumpers can be inserted at the start of an ad break, directly before the end of an ad break, or both.

  • Bumpers play during every ad break in a playback session unless pre-roll is configured. If pre-roll is configured, bumpers won't play during the pre-roll break. Instead, they will play in every subsequent break after the pre-roll.

  • For HLS, you must include the duration attribute with each SCTE-35 EXT-X-CUE-OUT tag.

  • Bumpers are transcoded to match source content.

  • You are not charged for bumpers.

Configuring bumpers

To use bumpers, configure the bumper URLs via the MediaTailor console, MediaTailor API, or AWS CLI. You can configure a start bumper, an end bumper, or both. Bumpers are stored on a server, such as Amazon's S3. The bumper URLs indicate the location of the stored bumper asset(s).

Example start and end bumper URLs:

Start bumper URL:

End bumper URL:


The following is an example of bumper ad behavior.

Example 1: Start and end bumpers

In this example, start and end bumpers are enabled. The ad decision server has 50 seconds of personalized ads to fill a 70-second ad break. The 10-second start bumper plays at the start of the ad break, 50 seconds of ads plays, then the 10-second end bumper.

                    This illustration shows an ad break filled with a start and end bumper and ads.