Using package configurations - AWS Elemental MediaTailor

Using package configurations

A package configuration is a representation of the source that contains the various packaging characteristics required for playback on different devices. For example, you might have a source that has three packaged formats: HLS with DRM, DASH with segment timeline addressing, and HLS with CMAF segments.

Channel assembly doesn't repackage your sources. If you want to include multiple packaged formats for a given source, you must make each packaged format available at the source location and specify the path to each packaged format.

Each package configuration object must include the following:

  • Relative path - The full path to the source's packaged format, relative to the source location. For example, /my/path/index.m3u8.

  • Source group - The name of the source group used to associate package configurations with a channel's output.

  • Type - Either HLS or DASH.

After you have created a channel, you must also declare each source group that you want to use for the channel's output.