HLS supported ad markers - AWS Elemental MediaTailor

HLS supported ad markers

AWS Elemental MediaTailor identifies ad avail boundaries in an HLS manifest ad markers in the input manifest. The following sections describe what markers MediaTailor uses.


The EXT-X-ASSET tag contains metadata that's used by the ad decision server (ADS) to personalize content for the viewer. EXT-X-ASSET parameters are comma-separated key-value pairs.

To use this tag, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must URL-encode the EXT-X-ASSET values in the origin manifest. The following example shows the EXT-X-ASSET tag with keys and URL-encoded values.

  • You must include the dynamic [asset.] variable and the keys in your MediaTailor ADS configuration. The following example shows an MediaTailor ADS configuration using the dynamic [asset.] variable and keys.


Example VAST request

The following example shows a VAST GET request to an ADS.



This type of ad marker is the most common. The following examples show options for these cue markers.

#EXT-X-CUE-OUT:30.000 ... #EXT-X-CUE-IN


With EXT-X-DATERANGE ad marker tags, you use SCTE35-OUT attributes to specify the timing of the ad avail.


AWS Elemental MediaTailor ignores any START-DATE attributes that are provided for EXT-X-DATERANGE ad markers.

You can specify the ad avail in one of the following ways:

  • EXT-X-DATERANGE tag with SCTE35-OUT and DURATION specifications.


  • Paired EXT-X-DATERANGE tags, the first with a SCTE35-OUT specification and the second with a SCTE35-IN specification.


    #EXT-X-DATERANGE:ID="splice-6FFFFFF0",START-DATE="2019-01T00:15:00Z\",SCTE35-OUT=0xF ... #EXT-X-DATERANGE:ID="splice-6FFFFFF0",START-DATE="2019-01T00:15:00Z\",SCTE35-IN=0xF
  • A combination of the prior options. You specify an EXT-X-DATERANGE tag with SCTE35-OUT and DURATION specifications followed by an EXT-X-DATERANGE tag with a SCTE35-IN specification. In this case, MediaTailor uses the earliest cue-in setting from the two specifications.


    #EXT-X-DATERANGE:ID="splice-6FFFFFF0",START-DATE="2019-01T00:15:00Z\",DURATION=60.000,SCTE35-OUT=0xF ... #EXT-X-DATERANGE:ID="splice-6FFFFFF0",START-DATE="2019-01T00:15:00Z\",SCTE35-IN=0xF


You append the EXT-X-SPLICEPOINT-SCTE35 ad marker tag with a SCTE-35 payload in base64-encoded binary. The decoded binary must provide a SCTE-35 splice_info_section containing the cue-out marker 0x34, for provider placement opportunity start, and the cue-in marker 0x35, for provider placement opportunity end.

The following example shows the splice point specification with base64-encoded binary payloads that specify the cue-out and cue-in markers.