AWS Elemental MediaTailor
User Guide

HLS Ad Markers

AWS Elemental MediaTailor identifies ad avails in an HLS manifest by the following ad markers:


This type of ad marker is the most common. The following examples show options for these cue markers.

#EXT-X-CUE-OUT:30.000 ... #EXT-X-CUE-IN


With EXT-X-DATERANGE ad marker tags, you use SCTE35-OUT settings to specify the timing of the ad avail.


AWS Elemental MediaTailor ignores any START-DATE settings that are provided for EXT-X-DATERANGE ad markers.

You can specify the ad avail in one of the following ways:

  • EXT-X-DATERANGE tag with SCTE35-OUT and DURATION specifications.


  • Paired EXT-X-DATERANGE tags, the first with a SCTE35-OUT specification and the second with a SCTE35-IN specification.


    #EXT-X-DATERANGE:ID="splice-6FFFFFF0",START-DATE="2019-01T00:15:00Z\",SCTE35-OUT=0xF ... #EXT-X-DATERANGE:ID="splice-6FFFFFF0",START-DATE="2019-01T00:15:00Z\",SCTE35-IN=0xF
  • A combination of the prior options. You specify an EXT-X-DATERANGE tag with SCTE35-OUT and DURATION specifications followed by an EXT-X-DATERANGE tag with a SCTE35-IN specification. In this case, MediaTailor uses the earliest cue-in setting from the two specifications.


    #EXT-X-DATERANGE:ID="splice-6FFFFFF0",START-DATE="2019-01T00:15:00Z\",DURATION=60.000,SCTE35-OUT=0xF ... #EXT-X-DATERANGE:ID="splice-6FFFFFF0",START-DATE="2019-01T00:15:00Z\",SCTE35-IN=0xF


You append the EXT-X-SPLICEPOINT-SCTE35 ad marker tag with a SCTE-35 payload in base64-encoded binary. The decoded binary must provide a SCTE-35 splice_info_section containing the cue-out marker 0x34, for provider placement opportunity start, and the cue-in marker 0x35, for provider placement opportunity end.

The following example shows the splice point specification with base64-encoded binary payloads that specify the cue-out and cue-in markers.