AWS Elemental MediaTailor
User Guide

DASH .mpd Manifests

AWS Elemental MediaTailor supports .mpd DASH manifests for live streaming as follows:

  • Inputs multi-period DASH-compliant manifests, including those from AWS Elemental MediaPackage.

  • Inputs single-period DASH-compliant manifests, for example, those from the Unified Streaming Platform (USP).

  • Outputs multi-period DASH-compliant manifests.

  • Supports manifests for live streaming only. MediaTailor doesn't currently support VOD.

  • Follows the guidelines for DASH dynamic profile.

  • Requires at least one Period element with a start attribute.

  • Supports SCTE-35 event streams with splice info settings for either splice insert or time signal. The settings can be provided in clear XML or in base64-encoded binary.

  • Supports segment templates that have segment timelines.

  • For published manifests, requires that updates by the origin server leave the following unchanged:

    • Period start times, specified in the start attribute.

    • Values of presentationTimeOffset in the segment templates of the period representations.

As a best practice, give the ad avails the same AdaptationSet and Representation settings as the content stream periods. AWS Elemental MediaTailor uses these settings to transcode the ads to match the content stream, for smooth switching between the two.