Overlay ads - AWS Elemental MediaTailor

Overlay ads

For live-streaming workflows where you want to increase moneization without interrupting the viewing experience with mid-roll ads, you can leverage your current AWS Elemental MediaTailor integration to guide an advertising format that is rendered client-side. This type of advertising is known as overlay ads>. Overlay ads are non-linear video ads that appear in the form of 'L-band ads,' 'non-linear video ads,' 'picture-in-picture ads,' 'motion overlays', 'in-vontent advertising', or 'frame ads.'

MediaTailor detects a SCTE-35 marker with segmentation type id=0x38 as an in-band signal for an overlay ad-insertion opportunity. The SCTE-35 marker causes MediaTailor to send a request to the Ad Decision Server (ADS), which then responds with a non-linear ad payload in the VAST response. MediaTailor parses the VAST response in order to support overlay ad insertion. MediaTailor does not perform any stitching of linear ads, but rather signals to the player that there's a non-linear overlay ad available to play. This signaling allows the player to fetch and correlate the non-linear ads to play from the client-side tracking endpoint. The player then handles the display, reporting, and other tasks related to those ads. For example, the player's developer can use a device SDK from a vendor that supports overlay-ad formats. For more information about client-side tracking integrations, see Client-side ad-tracking integrations.

            The image depicts a timeline of various ad types displayed alongside a content
                video. Linear ads play before and after the content video. The ad before the content
                video is called a pre-roll ad. The ad after the content video is called a post-roll
                ad. A non-linear ad overlaps a portion of the content video itself. The non-linear
                ad is called an overlay ad.