AWS Elemental MediaTailor
User Guide

Features of AWS Elemental MediaTailor

MediaTailor supports the following features:

Ad Tracking Reporting

MediaTailor offers both server-side and client-side ad view reporting:

  • For server-side reporting, the service sends reporting information to ad tracking URLs directly.

  • For client-side reporting, the service provides the beacons for the downstream player or content distribution network (CDN) to call directly to the ad decision server (ADS) for reporting on how much of an ad that a viewer watches, in quartile percentages (25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%).

For more information about setting up reporting, see Ad Tracking Reporting in AWS Elemental MediaTailor.


MediaTailor supports multiple audio tracks. For more information, see Alternate Audio and Subtitles.

Content and Ad Continuity

MediaTailor uses a transcoding service to ensure that ads and content have the same bit rate and resolution so that transitions are smooth throughout playback.

Personalized Content

MediaTailor uses VAST or VMAP to pass through viewer information to the ad decision server (ADS), and in return receives targeted ads that are relevant for the viewer.