Managing the service updates - Amazon MemoryDB

Managing the service updates

MemoryDB service updates are released on a regular basis. If you have one or more qualifying clusters for those service updates, you receive notifications through email, SNS, the Personal Health Dashboard (PHD), and Amazon CloudWatch events when the updates are released. The updates are also displayed on the Service Updates page on the MemoryDB console. By using this dashboard, you can view all the service updates and their status for your MemoryDB fleet.

You control when to apply an update before an auto-update starts. We strongly recommend that you apply any updates of type security-update as soon as possible to ensure that your MemoryDB are always up-to-date with current security patches.

The following sections explore these options in detail.

Applying the service updates

You can start applying the service updates to your fleet from the time that the updates have an available status. Service updates are cumulative. In other words, any updates that you haven't applied yet are included with your latest update.

If a service update has auto-update enabled, you can choose to not take any action when it becomes available. MemoryDB will schedule to apply the update during your clusters' maintenance window after the Auto-update start date. You will receive related notifications for each stage of the update.


You can apply only those service updates that have an available or scheduled status.

For more information about reviewing and applying any service-specific updates to applicable MemoryDB clusters, see Applying the service updates using the console.

When a new service update is available for one or more of your MemoryDB clusters, you can use the MemoryDB console, API, or AWS CLI to apply the update. The following sections explain the options that you can use to apply updates.

Applying the service updates using the console

To view the list of available service updates, along with other information, go to the Service Updates page in the console.

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the MemoryDB console at

  2. On the navigation pane, choose Service Updates.

Under Service update details you can view the following:

  • Service update name: The unique name of the service update

  • Update description: Detailed information about the service update

  • Auto-update start date: If this attribute is set, MemoryDB will start scheduling your clusters to be auto-updated in the appropriate maintenance windows after this date. You will receive notifications in advance on the exact scheduled maintenance window, which might not be the immediate one after the Auto-update start date. You can still apply the update to your clusters any time you choose. If the attribute is not set, the service update is not auto-update enabled and MemoryDB will not update your clusters automatically.

In the Cluster update status section, you can view a list of clusters where the service update has not been applied or has just been applied recently. For each cluster, you can view the following:

  • Cluster name: The name of the cluster

  • Nodes updated: The ratio of individual nodes within a specific cluster that were updated or remain available for the specific service update.

  • Update Type: The type of the service update, which is one of security-update or engine-update

  • Status: The status of the service update on the cluster, which is one of the following:

    • available: The update is available for the requisite cluster.

    • in-progres: The update is being applied to this cluster.

    • scheduled: The update date has been scheduled.

    • complete: The update has been successfully applied. Cluster with a complete status will be displayed for 7 days after its completion.

    If you chose any or all of the clusters with the available or scheduled status, and then chose Apply now, the update will start being applied on those clusters.

Applying the service updates using the AWS CLI

After you receive notification that service updates are available, you can inspect and apply them using the AWS CLI:

  • To retrieve a description of the service updates that are available, run the following command:

    aws memorydb describe-service-updates --status available

    For more information, see describe-service-updates.

  • To apply a service update on a list of clusters, run the following command:

    aws memorydb batch-update-cluster --service-update ServiceUpdateNameToApply=sample-service-update --cluster-names cluster-1 cluster2

    For more information, see batch-update-cluster.