Vector search - Amazon MemoryDB for Redis

Vector search

This feature is in preview release for MemoryDB for Redis and is subject to change.

Vector search for MemoryDB extends the functionality of MemoryDB. Vector search can be used in conjunction with existing MemoryDB functionality. Applications that do not use vector search are unaffected by its presence. Vector search preview is available in MemoryDB 7.1 version onward in the following regions: US East (N. Virginia and Ohio), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo).

Vector search for Amazon MemoryDB for Redis simplifies your application architecture while delivering high-speed vector search. Vector search for MemoryDB is ideal for use cases where peak performance and scale are the most important selection criteria. You can use your existing MemoryDB data, or Redis API, to build machine learning and generative AI use cases such as retrieval-augmented generation, anomaly detection, document retrieval, and real-time recommendations.