Best practices - Application Migration Service

Best practices


  1. Plan your Migration project prior to installing the AWS Replication Agent on your source servers.

  2. Do not perform any reboots on the source servers prior to a cutover.

  3. Do not archive or disconnect the source server from AWS until your launched cutover instance in AWS is working as expected.


  1. Perform test at least two weeks before you plan to migrate your source servers. This time frame is intended for identifying potential problems and solving them, before the actual cutover takes place. After performing the test launch, validate connectivity to your test instances (using SSH for Linux or RDP for Windows), and perform acceptance tests for your application.

  2. Ensure that you perform a Test prior to performing a cutover.

Successful implementation

The following are the required steps to complete a successful migration implementation with Application Migration Service:

  1. Deploy the AWS Replication Agent on your source servers.

  2. Confirm that the data replication status is Healthy.

  3. Test the launch of Test instances a week before the actual cutover.

  4. Address any issues that come up, such as Launch setting misconfiguration and potential AWS limits. .

  5. Launch cutover instances for the servers on the planned date.

Best practices for ensuring project success

  1. Train a field technical team & assign a Application Migration Service SME.

  2. Share project timelines with Application Migration Service.

  3. Monitor data replication progress and report any issues in advance.

  4. Perform a test for every server in advance, and report issues to Application Migration Service.

  5. Coordinate cutover windows with Application Migration Service in advance.