Using the AWS Migration Hub with AWS MGN - Application Migration Service

Using the AWS Migration Hub with AWS MGN

AWS Application Migration Service works with the AWS Migration Hub (MGH), allowing you to organize your servers into applications and then to track the progress of all your MGN at the server and app level, even as you move servers into multiple AWS Regions.

You must choose a Migration Hub Home Region for AWS MGN to work with the Migration Hub. Learn more about choosing a Migration Hub Home Region.

You can access the AWS Migration Hub from the AWS MGN navigation menu.

AWS Application Migration Service supports auto tagging in MGH. Migrated resources (Amazon EC2 instances or Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)) reported to Migration Hub by AWS MGN are automatically tagged with Application Discovery Service server IDs. If you turn on cost allocation tagging, you can view the cost of the AWS resources that are tagged by Migration Hub in the AWS Cost Explorer Service. Resource tagging by Migration Hub can’t be turned off. This tagging is implemented automatically and doesn't count against your limit of 50 tags per resource. Learn more about tagging migration resources in the Migration Hub documentation.