Operating system licensing - Application Migration Service

Operating system licensing

Choose whether you want to Bring Your Own Licenses (BYOL) from the source server into the test or cutover instance.

The Use default option will use the default licensing mechanism for your operating system.

Choose the BYOL option if you are migrating a Linux server. All Linux licenses are BYOL by default. Any RHEL, SUSE or Debian licenses will be transferred in their current form to the migrated instance. Make sure to ensure that the terms of your licenses allow this license transfer.

Choose the BYOL option if you want to BYOL your Windows licenses. This will set up a Dedicated Host. All the licenses from the source Windows source server will be automatically transferred to the Test or Cutover instance. Learn more about dedicated hosts.


If you activate BYOL licensing for Windows, you have to change the Placement.tenancy type in the EC2 launch template to Host. Otherwise, instance launch will fail.