Activating post-launch settings - Application Migration Service

Activating post-launch settings

In order to be able to use the post-launch template, you must first activate the post-launch actions. This will allow AWS MGN to:

  • Install the Systems Manager Agent (SSM Agent) on your servers

  • Run the post-launch actions


This feature is activated and deactivated at the account level. You must activate the feature to see and activate the individual actions.

To activate the post-launch actions:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Post-launch settings template.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. When the Post-launch actions dialog appears, toggle the Install System Manager agent and allow executing actions on launched servers option.

  4. Click Save template at the bottom of the page.

  5. You will be returned to the Settings >Post-launch template view, and the post-launch actions will now be shown. Click Edit to change the settings.