Filtering - Application Migration Service


Use filtering to easily filter your waves by one or multiple properties.

Click within the Filter waves field and choose the filtering property from the Properties menu.

You can filter by a variety of properties, including:

  • Wave name – Filter by wave name.

  • Wave ID – Filter by wave ID.

  • Migration status – Filter by the migration status (Not started, In progress, Completed).

  • Alerts – Filter by health status alert (Stalled, Lagging, Healthy).

  • Number of applications – Filter by a number of applications.

  • Tags – Filter by tags. Relevant specific tag values will appear under the Tags category. Choose the value to filter by.

You can filter by multiple properties at once in order to narrow down your results.

Here you see an example of filtering the waves list by several properties:

To clear the selected filtering properties, click Clear filters t.