Launch application visualization - AWS Microservice Extractor for .NET

Launch application visualization

After you onboard an application, you can launch the visualization of the application from the Applications page to better conceptualize and group your application nodes. Select the application for which you want to view the visualization and choose Launch visualization. You will be taken directly to the Visualization (nodes and dependencies) tab of the application page.

From the Visualization (nodes and dependencies) page, you can view, in graph form, the logically grouped functionalities identified by Microservice Extractor to be extracted as isolated services. For selected nodes, you can view .NET core portability. You can apply the default groups, modify them, or create new groups to associate with a functionality that guides refactoring. You can also Explore alternate visualizations for grouping, such as the Namespace view, which arranges the nodes by namespace, and the Island view, which shows parts of the application separated out as groups of nodes for extraction. For more details on graph functionality, see Work with the application visualization.