Migration workflows - AWS Migration Hub Orchestrator

Migration workflows

Migration Hub Orchestrator provides predefined templates that offer automation capabilities and facilitate the migration of your on-premises servers and applications to AWS. A template consists of one or more step groups that contain steps. A step can be automated or manual.

You can create a workflow with one of the following templates.

Add a step

You can add, reorder, and delete step groups and steps after you create the workflow.

  1. Sign in to the https://console.aws.amazon.com/migrationhub/.

  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Orchestrate > Workflows.

  3. On the Workflows page, select the workflow that you want to customize and choose View details.

  4. Under Steps, select Add.

  5. To create a manual step, enter a Name for your step and choose Add.


    Manual steps require user intervention. After completing the step, you must update the status to enable the migration workflow to continue.

  6. To create an automated step:

    • Enter a Name for your step.

    • Specify a Script location. You can upload a custom script to an Amazon S3 bucket or upload a file from your local machine. For more information, see Getting started with Amazon S3.

    • Enter the Script run command that Migration Hub Orchestrator can use to run your script.

    • In Script run environment, select On premises to run the script in the source environment, or select AWS to run the script in the target environment.

    • Based on your selection for the Script run environment, the list under Server displays the applications that you configured in the Application Discovery Service. For more information, see Define applications.

Rules and limitations

There are some rules and limitations when customizing migration workflows:

  • You can make modifications to a migration workflow after it's created.

  • A step must be placed within a step group. You can choose to add a step to an existing step group or create a new step group.

  • A step group must have at least one step.

  • A step can't be added to a step group with a status of Completed.

  • To delete an ongoing migration workflow, you must pause it first.