Strategy Recommendations preferences - Migration Hub Strategy Recommendations

Strategy Recommendations preferences

This section describes how to view and edit Migration Hub Strategy Recommendations preferences in the Migration Hub console.

You choose your recommendation preferences when you first set up Strategy Recommendations as described in Step 5: Get recommendations. You can edit these preferences.

To edit recommendation preferences
  1. Using the AWS account that you created in Setting up Strategy Recommendations, sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Migration Hub console at

  2. In the Migration Hub console navigation pane, choose Strategy and then choose Recommendations.

  3. On the Recommendations page, choose the Preferences tab.

  4. Under Prioritized business goals, you can drag and drop the business goals to rearrange them.

  5. Choose the Application preferences and Database preferences that you want, and then choose Save changes.

If you change your preferences, a banner is displayed to remind you to choose Reanalyze data.