AWS Migration Hub
User Guide

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Migrate Without Performing Discovery

Directly migrating servers is efficient because your servers are already migrating while you simultaneously group them into applications.

Use this section to guide you through the initial console screens that Migration Hub presents to the first-time user to view, compare, and connect AWS migration tools to Migration Hub. It is important to understand that connecting an AWS migration tool to Migration Hub is how you authorize that tool to communicate migration status to Migration Hub. Without this authorization, Migration Hub will not track your migration. If you want to learn more about integrated migration tools, including AWS and partner tools, go to the Migration Tools page in Migration Hub (Migrate -> Tools) and follow the link to the documentation or to AWS Marketplce.

Once you get past the new user screens, this section will reference the AWS Migration Hub Walkthroughs for remaining steps.

  1. If you chose Get started migrating in the new user screen, the Migrate Without Performing Discovery screen is displayed. Choose Connect migration tools.

  2. This takes you to the following screen where you can choose and authorize AWS migration tools or integrated partners' tools.

  3. To proceed with next steps, see Phase 1: Migrate of the Option 2: Migrate Without Performing Discovery walkthrough.