AWS Mobile SDK for Android

Welcome to the AWS Mobile SDK for Android Developer Guide. The AWS Mobile SDK for Android is an open-source software development kit, distributed under an Apache Open Source license. The SDK for Android provides libraries, code samples, and documentation to help developers build connected mobile applications using AWS. Supported AWS services currently include:

This guide will help you start developing Android applications using Amazon Web Services. If you’re new to the AWS Mobile SDK, you’ll probably want to look first at What is the AWS SDK for Android? and Set Up the AWS Mobile SDK for Android. These topics explain what the AWS Mobile SDK includes and how to set up the SDK in an Android development environment.

After you’ve set up the SDK, you can start working with the mobile clients for Amazon Web Services. Additional topics in this guide include:

Download the AWS Mobile SDK for Android

Additional Resources

For more information about the AWS SDK for Android, including a complete list of supported AWS products, see the AWS Mobile SDK product page.