Send Messages to HTTP/HTTPS Endpoints - AWS Mobile SDK

The AWS Mobile SDK for Xamarin is now included in the AWS SDK for .NET. This guide references the archived version of the Mobile SDK for Xamarin.

Send Messages to HTTP/HTTPS Endpoints

You can use Amazon SNS to send notification messages to one or more HTTP or HTTPS endpoints. The process is as follows:

  1. Configure your endpoint to receive Amazon SNS messages.

  2. Subscribe an HTTP/HTTPS endpoint to a topic.

  3. Confirm your subscription.

  4. Publish a notification to the topic. Amazon SNS then sends an HTTP POST request delivering the contents of the notification to the subscribed endpoint.

Configure Your HTTP/HTTPS Endpoint to Receive Amazon SNS Messages

Follow the instructions in Step 1 of Sending Amazon SNS Messages to HTTP/HTTPS Endpoints to configure your endpoint.

Subscribe Your HTTP/HTTPS endpoint to Your Amazon SNS Topic

Create an SNS client, passing your credentials object and the region of your identity pool:

var snsClient = new AmazonSimpleNotificationServiceClient(credentials, region);

To send messages to an HTTP or HTTPS endpoint through a topic, you must subscribe the endpoint to the Amazon SNS topic. You specify the endpoint using its URL:

var response = await snsClient.SubscribeAsync( "topicArn", "http", /* "http" or "https" */ "endpointUrl" /* endpoint url beginning with http or https */ );

Confirm Your Subscription

After you subscribe to an endpoint, Amazon SNS will send a subscription confirmation message to the endpoint. The code at the endpoint must retrieve the SubscribeURL value from the subscription confirmation message and either visit the location specified by the SubscribeURL itself or make it available to you so that you can manually visit the SubscribeURL (for example, if using a web browser).

Amazon SNS will not send messages to the endpoint until the subscription is confirmed. When you visit the SubscribeURL, the response will contain an XML document containing an element SubscriptionArn that specifies the ARN for the subscription.

Send Messages to the HTTP/HTTPS Endpoint

You can send a message to a topic’s subscriptions by publishing to the topic. Invoke PublishAsync and pass it the topic ARN and your message.

var response = await snsClient.PublishAsync(topicArn, "This is your message");