Amazon Mobile Analytics
User Guide

Providing a Client Context


After April 30, 2018, Amazon Mobile Analytics features will be provided only by Amazon Pinpoint. If you're new to Mobile Analytics, use Amazon Pinpoint instead. If you're currently using Mobile Analytics, see Migrating from Amazon Mobile Analytics to Amazon Pinpoint.

Before you use a client context to submit events from your app, you must:

Giving Details of Application Context

Data in a client context provides information about the client interaction with an application service; it describes the app and the environment in which the app runs. When your mobile app communicates with Mobile Analytics, your app must provide the client context for the application and device. To do this, create a JSON-formatted string with the data to include as a header when using the PutEvents action.

Client context contains at least two sets of properties:

  • Client properties

  • Environment properties

In addition to these two sets of properties, a client context can also contain custom values that provide context about the app or environment.

The client context is where you provide the values required by Mobile Analytics to identify your app. In the services section, you must include mobile_analytics as a key with the AppID you generated for your app in the Mobile Analytics console as the value.