Amazon Mobile Analytics
User Guide

Editing Dashboards

You can edit your dashboards to add or delete charts as needed. You can also edit individual charts in a dashboard in order to:

  • Add new standard or custom data series and delete a data series

  • Change the colors used to display a data series

  • Reorder the presentation of data series

  • Rename the chart or any of the data series in a chart

  • Change the KPIs or custom event attributes displayed

To edit a custom dashboard chart

  1. In the Custom Dashboards tab, display the dashboard you want to edit.

  2. Select the edit chart icon in the title bar of the chart you want to edit.

  3. In the Edit chart dialog, make any changes to the data series (display color, name, order, and so on) as needed.

						Editing a chart for a custom dashboard in Mobile Analytics.
  4. Select Update Chart whenever you want to save the changes you've made. Select Cancel to leave the editor without saving any unsaved changes. Select Remove chart to delete the chart from the dashboard.