Amazon Mobile Analytics
User Guide

Part 1: Configure Security Roles for Auto Export to Amazon Redshift


After April 30, 2018, Amazon Mobile Analytics features will be provided only by Amazon Pinpoint. If you're new to Mobile Analytics, use Amazon Pinpoint instead. If you're currently using Mobile Analytics, see Migrating from Amazon Mobile Analytics to Amazon Pinpoint.

The first thing you need to do to auto export your app analytics to an existing Amazon Redshift cluster is configure the auto export security roles.

  1. Open the Amazon Mobile Analytics console at

  2. Choose Manage Apps from the app drop-down menu.

							Selecting App Management in the Mobile Analytics console.
  3. Enable auto export for all apps by selecting Enable Auto Export For All Apps. You can enable auto export for a single app by choosing the app in the Manage Apps list and then choosing Enable Auto Export.

								Enabling auto export in the Mobile Analytics console.
  4. In Choose Auto Export, choose Get Started in Amazon Redshift + Amazon S3.

								Choosing auto export for Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3 in the Mobile Analytics
  5. In Configure Auto Export, choose Create a new Amazon S3 bucket or select an existing Amazon S3 bucket from the drop-down list.

								Configuring an Amazon S3 bucket for auto export in the Mobile Analytics
  6. In IAM Role Information, choose Select/Create Role.

								Configuring an Amazon S3 bucket for auto export.
  7. Select View Details and make a note of the name generated for the IAM role. Then choose Allow.

							Making note of the IAM role generated for auto export.