Amazon Mobile Analytics
User Guide

Adding and Managing Apps


After April 30, 2018, Amazon Mobile Analytics features will be provided only by Amazon Pinpoint. If you're new to Mobile Analytics, use Amazon Pinpoint instead. If you're currently using Mobile Analytics, see Migrating from Amazon Mobile Analytics to Amazon Pinpoint.

The steps you follow to create an app that uses Mobile Analytics will depend on the platforms you target and the tools and programming languages associated with each. But generally speaking, to use Mobile Analytics, you must do two things:

Accessing Mobile Analytics

In order for your app to directly access AWS it must have credentials, which you obtain through Amazon Cognito Identity. An Amazon Cognito identity pool defines user identities used with your account.

When you create your first app, the console creates a Cognito identity pool you can use to authenticate your apps with Mobile Analytics. The console also provides, for each platform, integration code snippets that include the Cognito identity pool ID your apps need to communicate with Mobile Analytics. If you select a different Cognito identity pool to use in your apps, these code snippets will be updated to reflect it.